What We Do


During the first couple of sessions, we meet with the student to learn about what drives and interests the student. We will review the student's academic history and extracuriccular activities to build an initial profile of the student. Additionally, we analyze a psychological/personality assessment that the student will complete.


After building an initial profile of the student, we will present a detailed list of schools that complement the student's profile and career goals. Each school will have an indepth description of how the school will uniquely benefit the student.


Our top priority is to make sure that our students are #1 in whatever passion they choose to pursue. We have key insight into what types of traits schools desire in students and will give guidance on how the student should best showcase their skills.


Under the advisement of our diligent mentors, students will learn how to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems. Anyone can memorize concepts in a textbook and get good grades on a test because there is a definite solution to the test problems. The true measure of someone's abilities is whether that person can solve a problem where there is no solution. This is the most effective way of standing out.