Our Mentors

Derek L

Dr. Derek Levine is a professor of Asian Studies at the City College of New York and the Director of the International Student Program at Moore Catholic High School. He frequently teaches courses in English and History at the College of Staten Island - CUNY as well and is majorly involved in CUNY's content based intensive English learning program called CLIP. Also, he is a published author and his work has been featured on MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Journal of Contemporary China, and the American Journal for China Studies. Dr. Levine holds a PhD from the University of Denver.

Donna G

Donna is an accomplished educator with extensive experience in teaching ESL and Spanish. She has served as a consultant for Educational Testing Services (ETS), the test maker for the TOEFL, and has created exam questions for ETS. Previously, she was an ESL instructor at Rider University and was awarded the NJ Governor's Award for Teaching. She has taught at various middle school and high schools in NJ and has designed curricula for all levels of ESL and Spanish at the West Windsor- Plainsboro School District, one of the top school districts in the US. Ms. Gil holds a Master's in Language Education/Certification in English as a Second Language from Rutgers University.

Bruce B

Bruce is an accomplished Professional Motivational Speaker and holds an ATM-B Toastmaster Advanced Certification for Public Speaking. His experience includes speaking before many audiences including 3M Corporation, Wyeth Pharmaceutical, The State University Rutgers, and many more. Bruce was the former President of Morristown Toastmasters Club and has 50+ years as a sales executive.

Thomas T

Thomas is a U.S. Air Force veteran and an extremely effective robotics teacher of 20+ years. His background as a machinist and aircraft techinican helps him clearly communicate difficult concepts in robotics to his students. He has also served as a guidance counselor for the Essex County Vocational Technical Schools. For the past decade, he has been invited to local high schools and colleges in China to give seminars about career planning and robotics. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science from Montclair State University.

Patty S

Patricia is a highly experienced English teacher and was personally invited by the Chilean Ministry of Education to teach English to middle school and high school student for the English Open Doors program. She has worked with students at all levels of English and adapts her teaching strategy to tailor to her student's individual needs. In addition, she is certified in elementary education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Ms. Sousa holds a Bachelors of Science from Temple University.

Gordon S

Gordon is a life coach and seasoned public speaker. His tenure as a successful swimming and soccer coach shows his ability to focus on people's talents and have people stand out in their respective functions in a team. Also, he has been a featured speaker on choosing colleges at William H Hall school on multiple occasions. Gordon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus on child development from Rutgers University.